Rethinking the experience of getting a loan 100% online

Pronto+ is a company from Uruguay, part of the Scotiabank group.
Its digital product offers consumer loans and a portfolio of various financial solutions managed through digital experiences.
The Challenge
Starting from its original product of loan applications, the company approached Cultura IT with the challenge of rethinking the experience from scratch.
The goal was to transform the Pronto of that time into a mobile-first web experience that would allow any user to request a financial loan in just a few minutes.
Our Solution
We decided to split the process into two stages: discovery and delivery.
From day 1 of the Discovery process, we formed a multidisciplinary and dedicated team that worked collaboratively with the Pronto+ product team throughout the project.
Business Analyst
UX Designer
Front end developer
Scrum Master
QA/QC Analyst
Discovery and Ideation
The Discovery process mainly involved the roles of BA and UX, to define together with the client the main pain points of the business.
Based on the definition of 3 typical user personas of Pronto+, and the high-level sketching of an initial user flow, we identified the first features to prioritize in a first version of the backlog.
We concluded the process with a defined MVP ready to begin development.
With an extended team, a refined backlog, and initial user stories, we began shaping the product.
The first months of UX design focused on collaborative work supported by Figma mini-prototypes to validate the different main flows.
Once we managed to structure the main flows, such as the initial request according to the user's identification card, and the first available credit offers, we began continuous and simultaneous delivery alongside the design process.
Rethinking an experience of requesting and granting financial loans poses a challenge, especially regarding the most critical tasks: correctly identifying the user.
For this purpose, and during the delivery process, we identified the most important points of the identity validation process and created a 100% custom biometric validation flow for the product.
This flow was not only integrated into the credit granting product but also into various digital solutions of Pronto+ that were standardized and documented from this process.
At the end of the process, we managed to deliver to the Pronto+ digital team a new end-to-end experience that allowed its users to:

request a loan,
improve it according to their credit condition,
validate their identity,
and receive immediate and automatic approval.
The Impact
We handed over the solution to the Pronto+ digital team, ready to be integrated into the core of the business and put into production.
Along with this, we provided comprehensive documentation of the process, backlog, and feature refinement, together with multiple Figma files with mobile and desktop versions of the product, and a library of scalable components to iterate the product in the future.
Pronto+ now has a new experience to capture leads and increase its conversion of new loan applications, along with a product base that sets precedents for its entire suite of digital solutions.
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